Video Production

We create videos to help you sell more - while remaining authentic to your mission and audience. 

Your part is simply to tell us about your business and to help us schedule filming.

We’ll stay in close contact as we script, storyboard, shoot, edit, animate, and deliver your video or package of videos.

With a package, you get several related videos for a price not much higher than one.  

Video Editing

Whether you know the story and need it translated to the screen, or you have a drive full of footage and images and need to unearth the gold, we can provide you with a completed product.

Marketers: We collaborate with your graphic design and writing teams to create professional company videos.
Producers: we provide radio edits with rapid turnaround times using any footage.
Agencies: we provide color-grading that highlights the subject, sets the mood, and raises the production quality to compete with any firm in the Twin Cities.

Script Writing

Marketers, producers, and other creatives can save a lot of time editing a pre-written script, instead of researching and writing it themselves.

We write scripts for corporate sales and explainer videos, YouTube content, and even shot-lists and target documents for interview-based content. 

A script project includes:

  • Research - even interviewing your client
  • Writing for narrative, visuals, and music
  • Reference images
  • Storyboarding, if needed


"Calculated risk is key to success online."
- Arthur Ceria