Script Writing

Everything you need to begin production.

You’ve got enough to do whether you're a marketer getting the green light or a producer putting the team and timeline together.

But if you tell us what your client wants, I will send you a script that’s darn near perfect.

I'm well aware that only you can perfect it. Only you know the client, location, budget, and talent. Only you can adapt it for their customers.

So you get a winning script, your client's approval, and all the credit. I get to nerd out writing a hero story. (Okay, I will probably ask you for a testimonial, too.)

I'm ego-free (it’s your project), I'll ask tough questions, interview your client (if feasible), and revise until you’re confident the story is exciting and on-brand. 

And whether your client wants safe, funny, or groundbreaking, I can write that. So click here if you want to schedule a meeting and save yourself hours of writing.

See my scripts in action

Ian review
"Once you crack the script, everything else follows."
-Ridley Scott