Script Writing

Multiply your video output.

Videos are a ton of work. And the writing is both crucial and painful - if you don't love it.

Fortunately, I do love to synthesize complex ideas and finnicky brand rules into a simple plan that you can use to wow your client, get the green light, complete production, and get paid.

You'll save hours of research, writing, and revisions. You'll also save on hours in post, as your editor will know where to go, too.

This means you can handle more projects in less time. Last I checked, that means you'll be able to afford that new camera or some new cine lenses. (Yes, I will be jealous).

And whether your client wants safe, funny, or groundbreaking, I can write that. So click here if you want to schedule a meeting and save yourself hours of writing.

See my scripts in action

Ian review
"Once you crack the script, everything else follows."
-Ridley Scott