We help you start conversations.

Our videos make your business simple.

We do our homework so your client knows exactly what you do and where you stand.

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Fixed costs.

No hourly rate anxiety. And before you sign anything, we’ll send you ideas, process, and prices. 


Clearer explanations.

Custom-built animations help your customers understand how you help them win.

You just talk.
Our team manages the crew, script, filming, editing, animation, color grading, and more.

Hi! I’m Ian Connel.

I’m a candid creative director with a background in journalism, a love of hero stories, and over ten years working in video production.

My company helps marketing departments without full-time video staff break through the noise with fun and compelling videos.

We're also champions of companies that put people over profit (but still like to profit).

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Ready to raise your flag with video?

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Show your true colors. Everything else is just noise.