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Honesty is the new punk rock.

It's also what audiences crave most. No B.S. No selling dreams. We make videos with an exciting offer, told truthfully, in a style that fits your brand.

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In that spirit, we offer fixed costs.

No hourly rate anxiety. And before you sign anything, we’ll send you ideas, the process, and prices. 


All killer, no filler editing.

Design-based visuals help your customers understand how you help them win.

You just talk about what you do best.
We do the rest — no need to hire and manage a team.

Hi! I’m Ian.

I’m owner and creative director at True Colors Video. I’m a champion of companies that put people over profit, but still like to profit.

I help CEO’s, marketers, and experts use video to grow, open new markets, spread their knowledge, and fight for their mission.

You can see my reviews from and Google below.

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But what does it cost?

I can fit a project to your budget, but like a master home builder, I still need measurements. Therefore:

  • Take 30 seconds and send me an email
  • Meet with me for 20 minutes (free)
  • Receive a proposal with prices, bold ideas, and a clear process
  • Pick a date to talk about what you do best, and we’ll do the rest
Show your true colors. Everything else is just noise.